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I'm so excited/ singing!

YAY! I'm so freakin excited right now, I'm like a hyper little kid.

Ok, singing for Kar Records, was a bust. I didn't like any of their music and I decided we weren't going to work out. Then a producer from Nashville was interested in me coming and "trying out" for him after he heard my stuff. He liked me a lot and paid me nice compliments and was going to pay for my studio time himself. My mom and I were going to drive down there.

Then after some soul searching, I decided I didn't want to pursue Nashville because I didn't want to leave my kids alone all the time. So I decided to stop singing. This was like 5 months ago.

Fast forward to a bar in town two weeks ago. Sitting there drinking tequila with my friend, ended up talking to some man about karaoke. Told him about the site for online karaoke. Mentioned briefly I had almost decided to pursue singing seriously. Then he got interested. Turns out, he is the owner of the bar, is a keyboard player and has been looking for a female vocalist to just play with at his places. He owns a bunch of bars in town. So I'm like ok, sounds interesting (especially after he said I'd be compensated for a babysitter and drinks) so... I e-mail him a couple of my songs. Turns out, he really loves me! So.... I've sent him a few songs, but today I was like - well it's no fair that you get to hear works in progress, I want to hear you clanking away too. So he just calls me and plays "listen to your heart" and "my immortal" and BY FREAKIN GOD THIS MAN CAN PLAY THE PIANO! WHOOT!!!

I was bouncing around on my porch the whole time just cheesing. Whoooo. He's played in like 2 bands previously. But wow, I'm so freakin impressed. And what else is cool is he's like "yeah I don't mind playing the bars occasionally, but a lot of the restaurants around town and lafayette pay for performers too" and so I was like "well I guess it's good I met you because you probably have a lot of connections" well, turns out - he does! he said he also has connections at the casinos - where you can make a lot of money singing! OMG! OMG! OMG! So I'm super psyched right now. This is so much more up my alley. My dreams are not huge, I don't want to get famous, but if I could get out of the house once in a while and freakin sing at casinos, and make side money - wow that would be so much fun. Ok. Whew. Our first rehearsal is on TUESDAY!!!! Wish me luck that I don't suck!!!
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