Where there was nothing, now there is everything. (tasha) wrote,
Where there was nothing, now there is everything.

Fences and Manicures

Today was a very productive day. Brad and I worked for almost 8 hours solid nailing up the back part of our wooden fence. I can not WAIT until it's completely up. It was very satisfying work, oddly, nailing nails in the wood for hours. Almost therapeutic. :)

I went and got my nails done yesterday! For the first time ever! I got an American manicure, they're medium to long, and absolutely gorgeous. I've been embarrassed of my nails a lot lately, even going so far as to hide them from retail people. That's just pathetic. I chew on them, I never take polish off, so I decided to just get some nice ones. I really like them and my husband even admitted HE really liked them too and would like me to keep them. I warned him it could be something that requires lots of maintenance. Took a day to get used to the feel of them, but I'm comfortable now.

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