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Life As I Know it

Seriously, livejournal needs a random subject generator like yahoo mail. I don't know what subject to put when I don't really have anything to say! We have Destinee coming into town tomorrow. We're probably all going to go to the chili cook off they have in town on Saturday. Can't wait! Love some good Chili. My friend, Karen, came down last weekend, with her husband Dan. He is sick and not doing well. We ended up going to the Tabasco factory and doing a tour. We live like 5 minutes from that place, it's funny. I have upgraded from a 10 gallon aquarium to a 30 gallon aquarium. My fishies are much happier now I think. It's all sorts of pretty. Blue rocks that seem to glow, a bubble wand, two filters, big rocks, pretty plants, and of course - the fish! All koi. We're actually digging a pong in our backyard to build a koi pond at some point.

We are ALSO putting our fence up in the back now. We're going to have a tall wooden fence in the back, and hurricane fence going down the sides. (cyclone) It's a lot cheaper, plus we get lots of hurricanes, so if we can avoid putting up wooden fences over and over, that would make us happy.

I made a few new layouts for livejournal today, applied one to mine, and felt the need to update. yay. Has anyone checked out Carrie's and I's new website? I don't even remember if I mentioned it. This is our main source of money right now. I'm sure I told ya'll.. http://www.1bestdesign.com - isn't that crazy that name was available? We also purchased onebestdesign.com . :D ok - ttyl.
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