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Singing, Business, Dogs

I dropped with Kar Records. They sucked ... bad. I have a producer out of Nashville that wants me to drive up and audition for him. Yay. It's going to be scary, but I'm going to go! I got another puppy. He is the cutest thing EVER!!! He's also a miniature schnauzer, but he's light gray and really white eyebrows and beard. GORGEOUS. He got his first haircut yesterday. brad did it. He's amazing with those clippers. Carrie and I are actually very busy with lots of things! Graphic design, e-bay store design, and some web design. Check out our ebay store site we did. It's so cute!

1bestdesign So now if you know anyone with eBay stores, recommend us please!!

Mmkay. That's all for now.
Made a new layout today - it's on my journal. Ignore the boxer in the header, I have to get a great picture of my miniature schnauzers!
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