Where there was nothing, now there is everything. (tasha) wrote,
Where there was nothing, now there is everything.

wow - after introducing myself to the graphic design and web design world, things have just taken off! It's amazing. I feel like there are so many opportunities out there for me right now. Let me see if I can briefly put them down for though.

1: IdeaTree. Carrie has been working relentlessly at this site, improving it, adding new stuff, ect. It's amazing. She's a genius. I have continued to put "freebies" up while she did that. We actually have like 7 myspace layouts up now.

First of all - we're going to put up templates for myspace for sale - really nice ones. $20 a piece. Another site does this, only has 30 to choose from, makes $500 a week. That's one source of income we're looking at for the future.

2: My new friend Brandon, is building my http://www.solosing.com website for me. It's a lot of red right now, but so cool! he's doing it in the latest technology. We need an investor to complete the devolopment (about $5,000) but he happens to have a multi-millionaire uncle he's going to present the idea to.

3: mydesignsformyspace. We're also going to put myspace templates up for sale on his site too - again, residual income.

4: EBAY design. Carrie and i have started designing e-bay stores! We're getting paid a pretty hefty amount to do it - and we're expecting the amount to double in about a month.

5: we're thinking of branching into our own ebay design and actually getting even more money from that!

6: plus - I have that contract thing that should go through in January.

My life is so full and blessed right now - I just pray I don't neglect my family and we all stay healthy.

I'm never on livejournal much anymore, although I do need to put a freebie out there for my community asap. I have some layouts on our website though.

Ok, everyone. Take care. If you like graphic design - check out scriptlance. This is how I met all these ambitious people who are kind enough to take us on a ride.

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