Where there was nothing, now there is everything. (tasha) wrote,
Where there was nothing, now there is everything.

I'm really excited!

My mom just called me. She started working at a children's home about a year and a half ago. I TOLD her she was going to end up adopting a child. Well there is this one little 12 year old boy, Matt, that she mentioned about six months after she started working there. And she just called me today to tell me she's going to adopt him!! I'm so happy about it for some reason. She speaks really highly of him, and I just think it's great. I want to adopt one day too!!! Well I've followed eerily in her footsteps so far, maybe this is just something else that one day I'm going to follow. Seriously. When I'm in my forties probably.

I really can't wait to meet him and I hope he's really happy in our family. Awwwwww. I just get watery eyed thinking about it.
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