Where there was nothing, now there is everything. (tasha) wrote,
Where there was nothing, now there is everything.

Awesome Stuff (about time)

I found an AWESOME freelancing website. People put up websites they need built, then you bid on it along with other companies and freelancers. It's called scriptlance.com. I've been on there 3 days and already got paid a $100 just to come up with the DESIGN of a website. She didn't even want me to code it, just wanted the images and a mock. WOW! I charge a $100 to actually BUILD the website too. She said she had more stuff coming my way as well. Mentioned 3 more by name! EEK! I'm so excited!!!

Also, I called my voice teacher and told her I didn't have it in the budget to take lessons from her right now, but I wanted to. I said "I have an offer for you though, you may not be interested in the idea, but I think it's an idea you should think about" I told her I do freelance web design in my spare time and would be willing to create a website for her in exchange for some free lessons. SHE LOVED THE IDEA. It's totally happening and she's putting together stuff right now she wants on the site. She e-mailed me to today and told me she had thought more about it and was getting really excited about it because people in the past have asked her if she had a website. So awesome! Free lessons! She also told me today that she has ANOTHER job on the side and it's a resume writer. How neat is that? She can help me sell my work better as I'm coming to find out I have absolutely no skills with writing. :(

In OTHER news, I came in first on an online singing contest and won a new microphone! Whoo hoo.
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