Wow, I didn't even remember my password. Or honestly, my username for that matter. Slaps forehead.

I'm remarried. To a cook. Yummy. A man I've known since I was 15. He was my best friend before I got married to my first husband.

I'm writing a book. I'm obsessed with writing right now.

I'm doing graphic design professionally for a guy who designs ebay stores.

Both kids are in school now.

So yeah.. I no longer know how to update in "entries". I'm too used to facebook now.

Any of my old old friends still on livejournal anymore?

I'm so excited/ singing!

YAY! I'm so freakin excited right now, I'm like a hyper little kid.

Ok, singing for Kar Records, was a bust. I didn't like any of their music and I decided we weren't going to work out. Then a producer from Nashville was interested in me coming and "trying out" for him after he heard my stuff. He liked me a lot and paid me nice compliments and was going to pay for my studio time himself. My mom and I were going to drive down there.

Then after some soul searching, I decided I didn't want to pursue Nashville because I didn't want to leave my kids alone all the time. So I decided to stop singing. This was like 5 months ago.

Fast forward to a bar in town two weeks ago. Sitting there drinking tequila with my friend, ended up talking to some man about karaoke. Told him about the site for online karaoke. Mentioned briefly I had almost decided to pursue singing seriously. Then he got interested. Turns out, he is the owner of the bar, is a keyboard player and has been looking for a female vocalist to just play with at his places. He owns a bunch of bars in town. So I'm like ok, sounds interesting (especially after he said I'd be compensated for a babysitter and drinks) so... I e-mail him a couple of my songs. Turns out, he really loves me! So.... I've sent him a few songs, but today I was like - well it's no fair that you get to hear works in progress, I want to hear you clanking away too. So he just calls me and plays "listen to your heart" and "my immortal" and BY FREAKIN GOD THIS MAN CAN PLAY THE PIANO! WHOOT!!!

I was bouncing around on my porch the whole time just cheesing. Whoooo. He's played in like 2 bands previously. But wow, I'm so freakin impressed. And what else is cool is he's like "yeah I don't mind playing the bars occasionally, but a lot of the restaurants around town and lafayette pay for performers too" and so I was like "well I guess it's good I met you because you probably have a lot of connections" well, turns out - he does! he said he also has connections at the casinos - where you can make a lot of money singing! OMG! OMG! OMG! So I'm super psyched right now. This is so much more up my alley. My dreams are not huge, I don't want to get famous, but if I could get out of the house once in a while and freakin sing at casinos, and make side money - wow that would be so much fun. Ok. Whew. Our first rehearsal is on TUESDAY!!!! Wish me luck that I don't suck!!!
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Fences and Manicures

Today was a very productive day. Brad and I worked for almost 8 hours solid nailing up the back part of our wooden fence. I can not WAIT until it's completely up. It was very satisfying work, oddly, nailing nails in the wood for hours. Almost therapeutic. :)

I went and got my nails done yesterday! For the first time ever! I got an American manicure, they're medium to long, and absolutely gorgeous. I've been embarrassed of my nails a lot lately, even going so far as to hide them from retail people. That's just pathetic. I chew on them, I never take polish off, so I decided to just get some nice ones. I really like them and my husband even admitted HE really liked them too and would like me to keep them. I warned him it could be something that requires lots of maintenance. Took a day to get used to the feel of them, but I'm comfortable now.

Life As I Know it

Seriously, livejournal needs a random subject generator like yahoo mail. I don't know what subject to put when I don't really have anything to say! We have Destinee coming into town tomorrow. We're probably all going to go to the chili cook off they have in town on Saturday. Can't wait! Love some good Chili. My friend, Karen, came down last weekend, with her husband Dan. He is sick and not doing well. We ended up going to the Tabasco factory and doing a tour. We live like 5 minutes from that place, it's funny. I have upgraded from a 10 gallon aquarium to a 30 gallon aquarium. My fishies are much happier now I think. It's all sorts of pretty. Blue rocks that seem to glow, a bubble wand, two filters, big rocks, pretty plants, and of course - the fish! All koi. We're actually digging a pong in our backyard to build a koi pond at some point.

We are ALSO putting our fence up in the back now. We're going to have a tall wooden fence in the back, and hurricane fence going down the sides. (cyclone) It's a lot cheaper, plus we get lots of hurricanes, so if we can avoid putting up wooden fences over and over, that would make us happy.

I made a few new layouts for livejournal today, applied one to mine, and felt the need to update. yay. Has anyone checked out Carrie's and I's new website? I don't even remember if I mentioned it. This is our main source of money right now. I'm sure I told ya'll.. - isn't that crazy that name was available? We also purchased . :D ok - ttyl.

The Election - I'm Excited!

I'm going to register to vote today and I'm really really excited for some reason!! Today is the last day to register to vote in Louisiana.

I've never followed politics, but I see now they're addictive. I've been watching almost everything and if you saw the VP debate, but not the SNL skit - you have GOT to check it out. It's so funny!

Also - I took a test to see which political affiliation I leaned towards...

very interesting.

I am 59% democratic, %40 independent and ONE PERCENT republican. So I feel pretty confident going to register as a democrat. I'm excited to label myself. I know, it's weird.

SO... I am for OBAMA/BIDEN 08!

Singing, Business, Dogs

I dropped with Kar Records. They sucked ... bad. I have a producer out of Nashville that wants me to drive up and audition for him. Yay. It's going to be scary, but I'm going to go! I got another puppy. He is the cutest thing EVER!!! He's also a miniature schnauzer, but he's light gray and really white eyebrows and beard. GORGEOUS. He got his first haircut yesterday. brad did it. He's amazing with those clippers. Carrie and I are actually very busy with lots of things! Graphic design, e-bay store design, and some web design. Check out our ebay store site we did. It's so cute!

1bestdesign So now if you know anyone with eBay stores, recommend us please!!

Mmkay. That's all for now.
Made a new layout today - it's on my journal. Ignore the boxer in the header, I have to get a great picture of my miniature schnauzers!

Look At My Layout!

Yay - my layout is shiny and purty. :D

Things are going good for me right now. Got some graphic design stuff going on. That's mostly what I do. Absolutely no coding, and I'm fine with that! It's tedious awful work.

My first song is almost finished for Kar. It's going to a be a song for Charity that is about supporting your troops. Whoo hee - I think it's sounding really good right now.

Kids are doing OK. Taking Drake to the doctor for his hyper activity. School even insisted I go before he starts kindergarten. He's very disruptive in class.